Friday, May 21, 2010

Opening night gifts?

I know it's proper to give flowers to an actress after her opening night performance. My 9 yr old granddaughter has a part in our community theater production of Annie. So, flowers for her, and maybe a stuffed animal. But, her brother and her soon to be stepfather are in the same production.

What to give an 11 yr old boy after the show? This is his first part, ever. Not a huge part, but decent. The only boy, and the director has found many creative ways to use him thru the scenes. Even invented a line for him. He is very shy, and this production is a reach for him. Also, he has always been one of the people who gift his sister after ballet recitals she's done. Time for him to have a turn at receiving something.

Should I give their step father-to-be something, to celebrate his work too? He has one scene, one solo song, and is also in the chorus. Not as big a thing as it is for the kids. This guy does many things thru the year, and works in shows and productions .

Opening night gifts?
As a theatre actor (actress) myself, I'd like to point out that in a stage play (whether a straight play or a musical) flowers and/or gifts are sent backstage BEFORE the show, to the dressing room, as a "break a leg" gift. You can't say "break a leg" after the show's already over. :) It's different for dance recitals (tho I have no idea why) and it seems they get their flowers afterwards.

I would say balloons and flowers for all the performers! :) And for the kids, the bigger the better. It's such a lovely treat to receive a huge opening night bouquet (or 2 or 3!)backstage before the show. Maybe a smaller bouquet for the step-dad, and of course cards for all! Even tho it's not as big a thing for him, it still takes a lot of guts and commitment to get up onstage in front of people, and he should receive just as many good wishes.

Since her brother has often gifted your grandaughter, maybe you can make sure that they each do a little something for each other as well. Never too early to get the "theatre etiquette" down! :)

Enjoy the show, and your family in it!
Reply:My 9 year old son has been in many shows and his favorite stage gift is balloons, they have many congratulations and break a leg balloons in our flower shops. My daughter also likes these. For the man, why not a simple red rose or maybe three. My husband and teen age boy both enjoy the "stage flowers" they receive, as its about the only time in a year that they do get some! If you are still not sure, my husband also suggested a Starbucks card... gee I like that myself! Good luck... enjoy their show!
Reply:Something to remember the play may be a good way to go. Perhaps a personalized picture frame: "Annie 2007" in which they can perhaps put a picture of the three of them in costume.
Reply:I would get the boy some balloons and candy. The man you could get a nice card and congratulate him on a job well done.
Reply:Perhaps a celebatory dinner after the performance would be nice. Toast the participants with compliments! All three performers would be honored --- perhaps place more enthusiasm on the children to boost their esteem.

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