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My son is in a play. Girls get flowers on opening night. What should a boy get?

What etiquette is there for giving gifts on opening night of a play for the male actors? Females usually receive flowers. Is it appropriate to give males flowers too?

My son is in a play. Girls get flowers on opening night. What should a boy get?
It is okay to give whatever small gift you think your son would enjoy. Flowers are perfectly alright for a boy. Perhaps a frame for a picture of him in costume or a program. Candy is also not a bad choice.
Reply:When I taught 5th grade, and girls got flowers for a special event such as opening night, boys got buttonnieres made of a rose with a little baby's breath and small ribbon. The boys thought they were all grown up!
Reply:I'm an 18 year old male who's been doing plays for 6 years. Boys have always received flowers right along with the girls in all cases I've seen...
Reply:I've been to large theaters and males have received flowers along with females. Depending on his age, I'd ask him if he felt comfortable with that first.
Reply:Flowers are perfectly acceptable for a man as well....
Reply:All the boys I've worked with get flowers. But candy would be a good idea.
Reply:A good book, some poems by WB Yeats perhaps or Patrick Kavanagh. Include a thoughtful inscription.
Reply:hmm, usually nothing i would think. it depends on the age also..
Reply:my dad gives my lil bro cds that hes been wanting since they came out.
Reply:I always presented by son with a singe white rose, but I waited until his friends were not around!!!!!
Reply:sure why not
Reply:how old is he?or you can just get balloons!!!

God Bless
Reply:The guys in the productions we've done have all recieved flowers and have been fine with it.
Reply:How about a small gift basket filled with goodies?
Reply:Although I have seen answers here that say a boy can also get flowers, I think most of them would be happy with a card and possibly a gift certificate or even a regular certificate in a frame to compliment their acting achievement. You can do a certificate that is in a joking manner as well - such as, "The Next James Dean," or something like that.
Reply:A job
Reply:It's ok to give a boy flowers. But he might feel embarrassed around his friends, So ask him, maybe cards? Money? lol
Reply:Flowers are perfectly acceptable to give a young actor on opening night. Just pick a hardy flower in a bold colour. Red roses are also a good choice.
Reply:Give him flowers too! He'd like that!!
Reply:FLOWERS....after a performance they represent a good job doesnt really matter that hes a boy
Reply:i think flowers are ok, if you pick a non-frilly variety. balloons are good, too. or (depending on your son's age), a congratultory bottle of champagne would be appreciated.
Reply:Usually a bottle of whiskey is considered acceptable.
Reply:A traditional gift for actors, male or female, is a blue marble egg. Sounds crazy, no? The tradition comes from a play but I'm not sure which one. I believe they make reference to the practice in Funny Girl, but again am not positive.

I received a medal of St. Genesius (patron saint of actors) on opening night of a production when I was 16 years old and even though I am not Catholic and am in fact a non-believer, still wear it today and every day, some 40 years later.

Either of those would be appropriate and keep reminding the actor of his experience on stage.

And.... I just looked across my desk and found the letter opener presented to me for a show I did in 1967, I guess that also proves to be more lasting than the flowers I often received on opening nights.
Reply:I am a male actor and have been given flowers many times. But all of them don't hold a candle to what my dad game me one time. he gave me a great cigar. Now that is the best gift to get after a show.

Reply:A Hawaiian Lei works for boys.

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